Helpful Buyer's Information

  1. Financing - pre-approval
  2. Offer prepared & submitted
  3. Negotiations
  4. Contract is executed
  5. Option period begins
  6. Inspections - home, termite, on-site sewer, etc.
  7. Repair Amendment - negotiation
  8. Appraisal
  9. Survey (if needed)
  10. Title Commitment
  11. Final Loan Approval - with conditions from underwriting
  12. Final Loan Approval
  13. Closing instructions sent to title company
  14. Buyer's final walk-through
  15. Review closing disclosure (settlement statement)
  16. Buyer picks up cashiers check
  17. Closing & funding
  18. Transfer utilities

  1. Please get documents to lender in a timely fashion
  2. Do not purchase any major items on credit or with cash
  3. Do not apply for any new credit cards
  4. Do not do anything that would cause someone to check your credit
  5. Do not utilize your overdraft protection on your bank account
  6. Pay all bills ASAP